Friday, December 28, 2012

Chore Time!

I love/hate doing chores.  Okay, I like it.  I like doing it in the snow.
Are you out of your mind?

I volunteered for it today.  And yes, I was not out of my mind.  You see, snow has one advantage over no snow.
The cheap cheap plastic sled!
Yes, the sled.

I can put a bale of hay on it and ride the whole works down to the pasture for feeding!

Or I can use it to carry water to the cow's tank.  This one is not heated so we water more than once a day.  Drag the sled up with buckets of water, ride the sled down to the hydrant when empty for refills!

Then I can clean the cow tank with a tine fork and give them fresh water.  No sled riding with a hay fork on board...!

Next is the big heated water tank that serves 3  winter pastures.

Hubby is insulating that tank for the animals and a 100 gallon one also to hopefully cut down on the use of electricity needed to heat them.

All of my choring this morning took about 2 hrs.  Mainly because I just dawdle along and enjoy the weather.  I let Dixie out and tied her up so she could watch and not get in by the mules or donkeys.
She doesn't know any better quite yet.

I'll be going out with Dixie for more snowy adventures today.


gtyyup said...

I NEED a sled!!! I'm going to have John try to find one in town today before he comes home. Our 8-10 inches is not going anywhere for a while!

Can't envy you the cow water tank...we're blessed with power at the cow tank too.

The Three Muleteers said...

Great thinking using the sled, it all looks very pretty with the snow!

Older and wiser said...

Gosh, you're smart. "Necessity is the mother of invention", right??

Val said...

Yes it is, the sled is a great way to assist in the heavy work!