Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And then there is this....

As difficult as the drive home was yesterday, I wouldn't change my visit with my mom for the world.  I had the greatest time.  
Not only that, she whipped out homemade soup for me when she found out I had a cold.

Yes, I gave mom the option to opt out of my visit as soon as I could, warning her that I didn't want her to get a cold from me.

"Pah!" she had said.  "You need your mom now and some good home cooking!"
She was right, I did.

True to her mom-ishness, she made me promise as I left to drive home that I would call her when I stopped to get fuel and walk Morris.
I did call.  
She made me promise to call her when I got home.
I was a good daughter and did that also.  
But I didn't tell her until I'd gotten home about how bad the weather and roads had been.  
I really didn't want her worrying for 2 hrs that I might run into some tricky driving.

That leads into today.  I went to town because I'd been gone for 5 days and needed a few things.  

I stopped at Walmart for some items and at the check out I put some things on the belt then stepped over to talk to a neighbor.  
The checker was ringing up a long list of items from the woman before me.

My neighbor nodded towards my cart and I turned.  

An impeccably dressed couple [very obviously NOT from our local area...okay I made a judgement on appearance didn't I???] were taking my items off the belt and putting them in my cart, they started to push my cart back and push their cart in front of mine.

I really was in disbelief.  I stepped over and looked the man in the eye and asked him if he wanted some help.  I smiled at him and began to dump items back onto the belt.  I think the poor checkout girl was aghast.

Suddenly the couple got terribly interested in their cell phones and turned their backs to me.  As I checked out the 'couple' began to put their items on the belt.

I smiled at the cashier and told her to have a great day, then turned to the couple who tried to avert their eyes and wished them a Merry Christmas.

How bizarre was that?

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  1. Human beings really are odd creatures aren't they, if only they were more like mules, life would be much more predictable!

    Glad you're home safe, love the fact that your Mum checks up on you too - our Granny is just the same, texts and calls when home safe, some things can just be relied upon in life!