Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm at Wits End by Morris

First HE brings a puppy home and THE puppy gets all sorts of attention from her.  I mean, come on!
I'm the dog of the house, not some black and tan thing that doesn't know anything but how to 'look' cute.
I hear her in the kitchen [we have a baby gate separating us because puppies are not allowed in the rest of the house...] making nicey nicey over this puppy.  You'd think she or he had hatched it the way they carry on.


Okay, the pup is cute.  Her name is Dixie, and I like to run outside and play with her.  But she need not take my person's attention away from me.  Yes, I'm getting old and grey in the face...but I do have that CUTE factor still don't I?
Then I wake up from a nap and find that SHE has taken all of my toys and put them under the tree.
Oh now that is awful!
I know that I cannot mess with the tree or things under the tree.

That is so unfair!

Well I am happy to report that just before I got to 'Wits End' SHE removed them and put them back in the proper place.

I am now resting comfortably on the couch in the glow of the lights of the Christmas Tree.  Now if Santa will bring me something nice.
I have been nice!

I just don't want another puppy!     

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The Three Muleteers said...

Morris you're still No. 1, totally cute and the grey on the muzzle is only a sign of your wisdom! Glad you've got your buddies back from under the tree, maybe Santa might bring you a new toy??