Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love carrying my FujiFilm FinePix HS 30 EXR!

I know, this is probably going to sound stupid.  But really everyone should carry a camera with them.
OHHHH, wait!  People like my son and his wife who have smart phones [who doesn't these days?  :)  ME!] would be carrying a camera with them at all times.

Okay, let me rephrase this then.  Carry a cool camera that has magnificent zoom lens capabilities.

I have started carrying my FujiFilm FinePix HS 30 EXR with me in the car.  Yesterday on the way to town I pulled over twice and grabbed that camera.
Once for this:

And once on the way home for this:

I think they are the same pair.  I shot both of these photos through my old Cavalier's windshield and they actually came out pretty good for going through the scratched and pitted glass to attempt a focus on far away objects!

Later on I went for a walk with Morris and Dixie.  I used the FFFP HS 30 EXR again to take a panoramic shot with Morris in it.
The shot turned out okay, but I have to laugh as Morris was moving so there are three shadows of his back in this shot!

I'm quite excited about the snow fall STILL!  The trees are still laden with heavy snow and I'd like to get some shots before the winds come up and blow it off.  

It is fairly cold outside.  21 degrees F, or -6 degrees C with a wind chill too.  Although I can usually avoid winds if I stay in the woods.


  1. I REALLY want to get a camera with a zoom lens. What amazing photos you are able to capture! I love this blog sir and I would love to be a follower if I may?

  2. Sure!
    Consider the camera I am using, it isn't the BEST, but it can do a great job.

  3. Fabulous pictures of some magnificent birds!

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    thank you :)