Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tainter Creek Encounter

So last night I'm set up on this almost a road 3 miles from my house. I'm going to re-visit Tainter Creek at sunset. The sky is golden and in the valley it is reflecting on the trout stream.
I've got my tripod set up and am examining different views I'm going to take...yes taking some at the same time.

I hear a rumble rumble slowly coming down the road. There is only one residence on this road and that is 2 miles further east. I stand up and face the road.
Here comes a vintage 70's Chevy that is more rust than blue, balding tires, two men inside...balding also.
Unshaven, one has bib overalls, the other has on a t-shirt that might have had a color 'in the day'.

They pull up. Their windows are down.
I say 'Howdy!'

They look at me.
'You 'specting' to see somethin'?' they ask, looking over at my tripod and camera.

'Just photographing the sunset on the trout stream.' I reply, smiling.

They look at me like I just got off the first UFO from Mars.
Then they eye each other...

'Uh-huh'...they both draw it out slowly.

Then they let off the brake and slowly rattle off into the semi darkness.

I got the picture, but my moment with them was priceless.
I'd wished I'd have been brave enough to ask to take their picture.


Anonymous said...

I can just picture these two old hillbillies! Priceless for sure! And you tell it so well.

Val said...

Thank you!