Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Driving Miss Me

You know I always think of clever and cool things to write about while I am driving to work.
Is that attentive driving or in-attentive driving.

My mind is on the road, the traffic, my eyes are scanning for deer and [yes] sometimes even cattle on the road.
I’m watching for other traffic [day or night] and generally using most all of my senses.

So why does my mind wander? Is it because I’ve traveled this route on the average 3 times a week for almost two years? The road’s curves and hills are like friends to me, I know their bumps, areas to avoid, bent guard railings, bridges and the farm animals alongside of it…
30 + miles each way.
In the rain.
In the dark.
In the sun.
In the winds, stormy skies, lightening shows…blizzards, snow storms, and ice storms.

The road is dangerous. It winds through the countryside and drops into a steep valley, then up a narrow twisted road and back down to the Mississippi River.

But I do have flashes of images and ideas go through my head as I work on auto pilot [during good weather of course…not on those white knuckled drives].

I think of stories I’d like to write. I think of images I’d like to create and tinker with.
I think of photography techniques and wish I were hiking the valley and creek.


  1. Just think what your mind could create during those "drive times" if you had Morgan Freeman driving you to work! Travel/car time is a great time for reflection, and I'm glad to hear that you are putting it to good use.

  2. That I am. I wish I could write as I drove...but no way will I use a voice recorder...hate the sound of my voice.