Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Going...She's Packing!

I'm a very observant Jack Russell.
I know.
I know that SHE is leaving me...AGAIN.

She did this once before this year when she went to a place called Virginia.

I don't know what a Virginia is, but she came back from there rather quickly.

It is this place called Hawai'i that really concerns me.
She has packed a suitcase for this AND a big camera back pack.
SHE thinks I don't notice.

But I have.
I'm watching.
I even put a Hedgehog toy on top of the Suitcase thing.
SHE was not impressed.

SHE tossed it aside as she mumbled about items she needed to take.
SHE however did explain to me that she'd gone to this mysterious place before I'd been born. [wow that must have been ages ago!]

That this place had beautiful sunsets and sights to see.
There were coconut trees and a salty ocean to swim in.

I looked at her clothes and saw that she had packed some wild looking shirts.
SHE called them Hawai'ian shirts.

But I'm dreaming that SHE is going to come to her senses and take me along.
After all, don't I go on almost ALL of her camera adventures?

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