Monday, September 20, 2010

Error Code 0x80070057

Eek gads.
I inserted my SDHC 4G card into the card slot on my laptop and got this message *0x80070057 Incorrect Parameters*~~ *Windows Explorer has stopped working*

The screen blinks, Windows disappears and then reappears not recognizing my memory card for the shots I'd taken today.
Curse, curse, curse.

Of course this cannot be correct.
I reinsert the card.

So, how many times does it take an idiot to figure out that this card might be corrupt?
3 times.

I look up Error code 0x80070057 and find all sorts of frightening information. I narrow it down and decide that my Registry is not corrupt, my Windows 7 is not sick, nor is my laptop going to explode nor implode.

Out of 35 shots, I did get 4. I deleted all photos within camera [Nikon D40] and then reformatted the card while it was within the camera.

No huge loss, although I think I may have had some fabulous shots on it.
Good timing too ... I'm going on a trip soon and am happy to replace the card hopefully to prevent another heart stopping moment when I read *0x80070057 Incorrect Parameters*.

Actually I hope never to get one again.

There are programs that will supposedly retrieve lost data on corrupt memory cards. I'm not sure about them and have never used one.
However I don't plan on putting 1,000 photos on one card and waiting until the end of the week to see if it works.
I'll be downloading daily.

After all I have this need to see and SAVE what I've done nearly every day!

Also thank goodness for point and shoot cameras. The day was not a total loss.

Morris leaping~~

Morris and I walking away from my Pentax OptioW80 set to take photos in an interval shoot~~
Little water 'falls' breaking over some rocks~~
Stepping stones~~
Nikon D40 2.5 second exposure~~

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