Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Send in the Clouds

When I was a kid...hmmm, back in the days when you took everything an adult said at face value...
when we still honored our grandparents as they knew best. [really, I think they did!]

When I was a young girl. I don't know the age, but I was all arms and legs, full of energy and ambition [as long as that included goofing off or riding my cousins' horses]...I got bored one afternoon.

I complained to Grandma.

Grandma suggested that I lay back in the grass and stare up at the clouds for a while. I thought she was nuts, but I did what she asked.
For this she taught me patience in a way I suppose, but she taught me to appreciate the beauty of the sky.
She told me to watch clouds and see 'what' fantastic things I could find.

I recall watching the clouds with growing interest.
I also recall Grandma waking me up after I'd fallen asleep lulled by the warm grass under me.

I learned a lot that day as a young girl. All by simply laying on my back and watching the sky.

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