Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A place to dream

A place to dream
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Everyone needs a place to dream.

A place for just sitting and enjoying solitude.
A place to ponder

I love this place. I can come in any season and enjoy it.
It is only a 15 minute hike away.

I can sit on a mossy stone [or any other boulder!] and listen to the creek make music as it travels over the rocks.
A cardinal always seems to visit when I am there and grants me a short concert.

Other birds chime in also. The wren with her song of scolding, and a pine warbler who sings with a clear tune that is a bit haunting ~ echoing in the woods.

No other music here than the ones that nature makes. It would be a 'sin' to bring an ipod or some other musical device.

Here it is, a place where I can sit and enjoy a concert of sounds...

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