Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's a dog's life ~~ by Morris

I knew before SHE did that is was TIME. I knew before SHE reached for her camera and pistol that we were going to go on and adventure.

We hadn't had many adventures lately so I knew,
I smelled it.
I began to do laps around the living room.
excited even grunting a bit.

Yucky things in the woods to eat and roll in!

She strapped on her holster and I literally began to fly around the house in circles...faster, faster!
Oh happiness!
Oh glory!
I ran to the door and stood, shaking with excitement.

SHE opened the door and I flew out, ran hard, skidded on the gravel in the driveway and nearly fell down...panting, jumping.
Happiness abound.
Let's Go!

Did I mention that I love walks???

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