Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm not a movie critic.

But I heard the music to the movie Inception before I considered even seeing it.

In fact, the musical score by Hans Zimmer intrigued me enough to listen to more of his music.

I listened to some of the musical scores on YouTube and I was hooked at the idea of the movie. I decided I just had to go see it.
Movies don't stay around at our little local theater in town, so tonight I looked up the times ...
and off I went.

I have never ever gone to see a movie solo before.
I did tonight and let me say that it was well worth it.
I even felt like a fool ~ somewhat ~ because there were only about 5 people in the theater.

At first I was annoyed as the other 4 people made calls on their cell phones and chatted loudly...choosing to sit right behind me. As if there were not enough seats?

When the movie started it got dead quiet.

...and I walk away into the night air and towards my car wondering?
Did I just see a movie about a madman?
What is reality?
What are dreams?
What is sanity?

I liked the movie enough to pay to see it again. Silly but true.
I loved the music and the Conception of Inception,
or is the Deception of Inception?

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