Monday, July 05, 2010

All Mule Parade, 4th of July, Folsom, WI

Last year we did this very same ride on a warm and somewhat humid 4th of July day.

Quote from last year's Blog:
*We passed 8 residences in 6 miles. We waved at 43 people in vehicles and yards [yes we counted]! We encountered 9 dogs.*

This year the weather was an issue.
The weather service predicted up to 3" of rain starting in the afternoon.

Does this stop a Parade?
Does this stop the 3rd Annual All Mule 4th of July Parade in Folsom, WI?


My riding partner came with me.
We do the 'girl-bonding' thing.
We laugh,
we tell stories...
we laugh some more...
we get silly...
we giggle...

We are also riding the two best mules in the world. [Badger and Fred]
[My only regret is that we can't do this much more often!]
We set out with candy, rain-gear, and a fabulous attitude.

We rode around 6 miles. It rained off and on during the entire ride.
This year we had only one dog greet us.
Although 2 herds of beef cattle stared at us, while one calf in a hutch couldn't decide if we were aliens or monsters...or
One place had a picnic going on in their garage...

I think the weather put a 'damper' on many folks' activities.

But not ours. We stopped in Tainter Hollow to take pictures, then when we got to the top of the ridge we looked back down on the Hollow.
It took our breath away.
We also saw a Woodchuck who stopped when it ran across the road...

Our trip down the black top road was where we saw the most people. They seemed surprised to see us riding in the light rain.
We waved and smiled ... they waved and smiled back.

Another successful Folsom Parade.


Christine said...

I want to join the All Mule Parade next year!! :)

mj said...

"Iffy" weather made for some very nice photos. I especially like the first shot ... you all (riders and mules) were very gutsy to take on tradition on a glorious day like that! Glad you were able to enjoy your annual July 4th parade.

Val said...

We would love it...
Perhaps I should also call it the ALL Mule ALL FEMALE rider parade!