Monday, July 19, 2010

24 hrs

Sometimes 24hrs doesn't seem long enough...and then other times,...
well it is plenty long.

We played in the ever popular stock tank we have dubbed 'Mt. Tank' which had been filled with cool clean water the day before.

Ariel made it a point to visit each of her favorite animals on the place. She visited with Bob, who is a Jack Donkey. He does love his petting and ear scratching.
Then it was on to Badger.
Badger is the grand child favorite as he is good, steady, quiet, and loves the kids back.
[Badger was having a tough day as the heat index was quite high.]
He enjoyed Ariel's company before he headed back to seek shade under some dense trees.

Towards evening, Ariel took my second pocket camera and walked around taking videos...and narrating them.
See her short hilarious video at the end of the post if you want.
Dennis put on chore boots in the morning and went to help Grandpa, dig out a level spot for the mares' water tank.
He got so into it, he began digging in any spot he could.
I think he could have a career in dirt.

Morris gave up trying to follow two young children. Instead he picked a vantage point in the yard where he could keep an eye on them.
Saturday night though, he decided that the childrens' blankets were much more comfortable than those in his crate.
He fell asleep with his nose buried in their things.

He feels quite lost when they leave.
Grandpa suffers 'Grandbaby Lag'.
...and Grandma?

Hmmm, she wonders what adventures she'll have with the kids next time!


mj said...

Even though the post was about grandkids, my thoughts are with Badger and this heat. I sure hope he gets some relief from this darn hot weather soon! It's got to be tough on those already weakened lungs?

Val said...

That it is MJ. The humidity was very high and so was the heat.
Badger did his best to be a good mule host to the kids [no riding~Ariel spent a lot of time petting him].
The stress was showing in labored breathing.

Both hubby and Badger will be happy when this difficult air dissipates.