Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is me...strange.

I love the outdoors.
I love photography.
I like puppies, dogs, mules, horses...animals.
I like art.
I am a softy with a big heart [my own opinion, of course].
I have worked in the service field as a waitress, an insurance underwriter, a gas pump jockey, a bank teller, and a receptionist in a doctor's office, amongst other things.

Now I work in Security~~
Yesterday I trained at the range with a Glock 40mm.
And I really really enjoyed it.
I shot well.
A score of 290 out of 300 for the Qualification Course.

This morning I get up and the things on my mind of course is going out to feed 'Puppy', do chores, take a hike, ride Badger, and then practice my pistol skills.

I don't think I'm the normal 53 year old typical woman.
Nope, not at all.

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mj said...

Imagination and variety rule the world! Bask in it!