Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Landmark...

This shed was built by a man named Pete Tigen about 100 years ago according to one of his great grandsons who is in the process of taking it down.

I am sad to see this relic go for a couple of reasons.

It marked a fork in the road and was easy to spot across the ridge in a snow storm. If you lined yourself up with this landmark during a snowstorm from the neighbor's farm, you'd be assured to stay on the road [which would be hidden].
At the shed, I would hang a left turn carefully and head towards the woods and my place.

In my 'neighborhood' or ridgetop as it is known...the saying down Kolstad until you get to the shed and turn right or left...or...go past the Shed to the next place on your right...
If you make it to an old shed, head south towards the woods...

You see, it existed before we had a road sign.

The road sign came after 2005.

Oh what stories this shed can tell.
On one cold December day during a snow storm, my youngest son proposed to a woman just inside of it. [they didn't marry~~no matter]

On many a cold blustery day while walking or riding I've had an occasion to seek shelter just inside of it also.

I've spent years photographing it from every single angle. Yet the Shed never ever seemed to be a boring subject.

Now it is down.
And I miss it terribly.

I told the Great Grandson that we in the 'neighborhood' felt almost as if we should erect a memorial.

'Ye Old Shed Stood Here'

My Flickr set of images...mostly of this shed:
The Shed


grandma Jeanie said...

It is very sad when something so final happens in our own neck of the woods.

Val said...

Well the GGson is recycling the wood and is going to plant a beautiful red maple there.

Eventually he may even put up a small cabin.

Things change and it would be nice to have a super nice new young fella for a neighbor....even if it is 1/2 mile away.