Monday, November 30, 2009

She is Welcomed

Dinah or Dyna [Dynamite] has made herself at home with the other molly mules and the mares in our 'winter' pasture.
She has some definite likes.

Curry combs...she loves curry nice to scratch her with. Her lips move with pure joy and contentment.

When I leave the pasture, she nickers at me. I take this to be a very good sign.

Dyna or Miss Dyna as we call her brightens up the 'gal' pasture with her exotic and beautifully colored coat.

Some deer hunters stopped by to talk to my hubby yesterday and she was immediately 'spotted' and wowed over.

Today there is no work schedule for me...hunting season is over, and I'll put on my winter coveralls and go out and spend some fun time [after my honey-do's and chores, of course].

Enjoy your day.


Christine said...

She's CUTE! Can't wait to read more about her! :)

mj said...

Nice eyes. Very friendly and curious looking. How old is she?

Val said...

I think she is about 11 yrs old.