Friday, November 20, 2009

November can be pretty~~

I never really like November~it is an ugly dull and dismal month. It comes after October's big splash of riotous colors and precedes the snows of winter.

But yesterday changed that...

I decided to go out under gray skies that threatened a cold November rain and walk. The woods seemed muffled, even the leaves on the forest floor were muffled under my footsteps from the recent rain.

I knelt down and pushed aside old oak and maple leaves with my finger. I realised that after the snow fell, I wouldn't be able to smell the damp earthy scents for quite a while.
Morris ran by with his nose to the ground, even his steps were quiet. Somewhere in the grayness, a crow cawed.

The leaf patterns were pretty, in fact perhaps even a bit beautiful. Colors I hadn't noticed before were there, but subdued.
The woods had no sense of urgency as it did in the Spring. The forest felt at peace, as if resting and preparing for a nap. Which of course it was in a way. It needed to regain its strength and energy to burst forth again under the spring's warm sunlight.

I closed my eyes and then re-opened them, seeing the forest in a new way.

The log I sat on was brilliantly covered with lichen and moss.
It had always been this way, but during the 'green' months its beauty had been hidden by the lushness around it.
The drab brown carpet of leaves now served as a backdrop to moss covered rocks and wood.

Colors and interesting things really were there, if you took the time to look...

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