Monday, November 09, 2009

Good Eggs Make Good Neighbors


Okay, I did have something wonderful [perhaps not thought provoking though] to write about this morning!

Eggs and chickens...and neighbors.

I live in an area where we have 4 neighbors, 4 households. Each of us are very different in nature and are all good country neighbors.
Need help?
Call a neighbor.

It works that way here.
About 2 months ago I was given 8 hens by a co-worker. I lost 2 hens the first day [these were free range chickens]. 2 more hens went wandering and disappeared in the next two weeks.

I now have 4 hens.
And these gals right now love to lay eggs, in fact, I get 3 to 4 a day.
Wayyyyy to many for me and hubby to eat.

These hens love to lay their eggs in the strangest of spots. They like old machinery and tractor chains for some reason. Half the fun is finding the eggs, the other big pleasure my husband has ~~ is that the hens follow him around on his morning chores and cluck at him, waiting for him to shuck some field corn.

The hens are great about cleaning up table scraps also.

Anyway I call up my neighbors and deliver eggs. No charge. Just because it gives me pleasure and it gives them pleasure.

Last night I had a message on my answering machine. A neighbor was inquiring about eggs.
If I had a dozen she'd gladly take them...if I could spare a few more, she'd bake a treat and trade for it.


She is a wonderful cook.

I'll be delivering 2 dozen brown beautiful hen 'fruits' this morning and awaiting my tasty treat!

How fun!


grandma Jeanie said...

I enjoy chickens. I grew up with them and until recently had chickens and guineas. The hawks won the fight over the chickens.

You have great photos

Val said...

Thanks Grandma Jeanie! I love playing with photography about as much as I love riding!

Laura said...

I love my chickens too (again a gift from friends) I love wasting time looking for eggs and watching them wandering around the yard. It's nice to share the eggs with neighbours and cakes are definitely a bonus!