Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Driving to work...

I drive 30 miles to work and everyone says to me...'gosh, isn't that far?'
'isn't that such a horrible drive?'

I look back on the past 9 months of going to work and think.
Nope ~~ it isn't always horrible.
Sometimes it gets tricky and the roads are not too great [winter!].

But there is always an adventure.
The scenery I drive through is stunning.

Back roads, black tops, hills, ridges, valleys, and fogs.

Deer, racoon, coyote, dogs, loose cattle, cats, 'possum, and the occasional fox.

Farm machinery, buses, and Amish buggies.

So, I feel sorry for all those folks who have to take the ho-hum way to work, where the ride is not adventuresome nor compelling like it can be to me.
It gives me time to think...and unless I am running late, it gives me time to relax and enjoy the drive.

On this note...I hope you all enjoy your day.
I am on my way to work soon and will enjoy mine!


  1. Nice commute, beautiful photos... Some people have to go on vacation to enjoy that kind of road trip. My husband has a very similar drive into Durango every day. He has stopped on the highway to let migrating elk pass through, has named a marmot family that he sees frequently, and just last week he watched in awe as a huge beaver crossed the highway in front of him. Wouldn't trade that kind of scenery for anything in the world. Lucky us!

  2. I don't know where mj lives but I see you live in Wisconsin. We live in southern Iowa so we get a lot of the same type of weather. I drive 42 miles one way to work then I drive some more as I am a home care nurse. My car is 2 years old and already has 50,000 on it. I love the work and I love the driving as that gives me time to plan the next move in my day - sometimes I daydream about riding mules. I am definately addicted to mules and at one point around 7 years ago I swore I would never ride a mule. Funny how life changes things. Now I wouldn't give up my mules for anything. Love 'em I do!!!!!!!!! God's country is sure beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thank you so very Crazy mule Lady...42 miles?
    I used to drive 50 one way.
    Years ago.

    MJ~~~you bet the drive is sometimes the best!

  4. I just love all your images! Great landscape you live in!