Friday, July 03, 2009

Night Rider

There is nothing quite like a 'night' ride.
The scent of the woods while the evening dew is falling.

The sounds of birds as they call out to each other before going to 'bed' at night.
The clear and beautiful calls of the wood thrush which if you are really interested you can listen to it here:

Badger and I crossed several steep ravines and enjoyed the gathering dusk in the valley. A low fog was begining to creep across the creek.
I pointed him towards the 'camp' road which leads up and out of PeeWee's Valley.

He did a 'freeze' and popped his head up.
The head of a small buck rose out of the tall grass next to the creek. I could see his velvety antlers.
[darn too dark in the valley to take a photo!]

We sat until the buck wandered away and then proceeded up the old hill road.
I pointed out all the black berry bushes to Badger, I don't think he was as excited as I was to see the abundance of berries.

Although, he does accompany me on my berry excursions. I can move about PeeWee's timber much faster with a mule...and hey, any excuse to ride right???

Half way up the hill road we disturbed some turkeys that were getting ready to roost.
Dang! Talk about it raining turkeys!
[good boy Badger for taking this in stride...]

At the top of the ridge we paused to watch the sunset. The valley was already in darkness, so we decided to get on the old gravel road and head towards home.To my wonderful mules, I owe so much.
Thank you Badger for this wonderful night ride...


mj said...

I think I love your Badger too. What a good boy. The last photo of the back of his head with one ear on you and the other on what's ahead is a classic "good mule" shot. Very nice example of the confidence and pleasure one gets from riding a good mule. :o)

mj said...

Oh, I forgot...I really hope that you take a few photos tomorrow of your 4th of July Parade.

crazy mule lady said...

I love the night rides also. I camped with my friend Jeanie and another couple over Memorial weekend. We rode at night all three nights we were out there. I hadn't rode a night for more than 30 years. Isn't it great to have a trustworthy mule under you? Love the longears in the pics!!!

Val said...

Having a rock solid good mule is worth more than all the $ in the world.