Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guilty as charged

My husband says I'd rather ride than do anything else.

Well this is not exactly true you know.
I did some 'outdoor' work yesterday morning.
I HAD to saddle Badger and have him help.
He carried the essentials, like:
Hand Nippers

...and Morris.
Well Morris simply supervised and found disgusting things to roll in.

I was clearing burdock off the trail that we ride through on the neighbor's property. There is one stretch that is so bad you will have a Burdock-Mule if you don't cut them down.
I mean it was work right?

I could vacuum the house on any rainy day. I could hem his pants and do my sewing jobs when the weather was nasty right?

His shirt didn't need a button RIGHT now, after all he has other shirts.

But you know, if it envolves riding in any way shape or form...
or if I could ride and vacuum the house....
hang out laundry while on a mule...
[wow maybe I could tie sheets to the saddle and gallop up on the ridge to air dry them?]
dust with a mule tail...

Well I think you all are getting my drift.

I'm guilty as charged, I will do anything to ride.


mj said...

I'm not familiar with Burdock. What is it? It almost sounds like a type of thistle.
The color contrast in this series of photos is so makes-me-want-to-go-riding, wish I could have gone brush cutting too. And I suppose that Morris can get up in that saddle with very little encouragement. A very happy brush removal team you have there.

Val said...

Burdock is a weed that flowers and then leaves these sticky balls that adhere to tails and manes...saddle blankets, rope halters, jackets, gloves...
anyway you get the idea.
The stuff is kinda nasty to pull out of tails and gets off from clothes. That is how it spreads its seeds.

Yep we are a happy team.

crazy mule lady said...

I do understand about the housework VS mule riding thing. I just decided that when the weather is fit to ride it's too nice to do housework. Thanks goodness you had Morris with you to find all that stinky stuff so you didn't have to roll in it yourself - ha ha ha!!! That's me - clutzy. I'd probably slip in the smelly stuff and fall in myself. My Fred dog usually goes with me on all my adventures but I think one of the colts must have gotten him somehow - kicked his butt or something and he is avoiding the animals and their area like the plague. He'll get back out there though when I'm ready to trail ride. Good luck with the burdock!!