Saturday, July 25, 2009


Pounding storms, lightening, winds, hail, darkness...

These were things I drove through to work last night. The car's radio kept interrupting with 'National Weather Service Warnings".
Mud and trees slide onto Highway 35 closing it from the Lansing Bridge to Prairie Du Chien.

During this storm, one of our black and tan hounds slipped her collar and bolted from home. We tracked her into the donkey's pasture.
We discovered a broken electric gate and donkeys on the loose.
Did the hound frighten them or they chase the hound?

We don't know.
After putting out several phone calls this morning, I'm headed down through our woods to call for Sue.
I'm taking Morris as she and he are best of buddies.
My honey is driving the countryside scouring the land for his lost dog.

My heart is sad, because Sue slipped her collar, the one thing that had identification on her along with our names and phone number [address also].

Sometimes I just hate storms.
They can wreak such havoc.


mj said...

I will be thinking of you and Sue and I sure hope that she follows her nose back home. Good Luck!!!

Val said...

Thank you!