Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Work work work?

Okay this week it is work, work, work. Many many hours.
But still I look forward to each day so this is good right???

After all, I've been able to purchase a nice little pocket camera that takes marvelous pictures.

And then Sunday I got this Trifecta rifle which hubby insisted I needed to keep me safe from varmits in the woods.
I like it, it is MY size which means youth sized.Yesterday was my day off this week!
I spent it doing 'honey-do's'.

We moved Cheyenne to a lot in front of the house, I did laundry [the windows fairy and the dishes fairy fail to show up!!!]

Hubby cut down a dying pine tree.
Our pines are slowly going one by one.
I worked in the cold weather to help clean up most of it.
Talk about a windburned face! [no wonder I'm getting wrinkles on my face...I prefer to think of it as beautiful indications of the weather-beaten look~not so glamorous on ladies though]

At least all the pines by the house look healthy!

Then Morris and I took a hike in the woods...a short one as the winds were viciously cold and Morris was 'snow swimming' despite the recent melt.
However, by taking alternate routes home, I have been able to actually find some interesting places and things to take photos of.
So work, work, work isn't a bad thing.

At least not with the news I've been watching.
And yes despite my recent purchases, I've been very frugal.

I hope all is well out there in blogger~land.

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