Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cavalier vs. Mystery Animal

Tooling away at dusk down the highway with thoughts of supper in my head. A hard day's work finished.
11 hours.

The sunset in the west had turned to exotic purples blues and reds. I tripped the lights off from bright as the truck passed me on the curve...
and I thought

IDIOT, nice pass on a double yellow...I was at the speed limit but going faster would be asking for trouble especially on this twisted road they call a highway.

out of the corner of my eye I saw what could have been a dog, deer, something dark and furry.
The Cavalier shuddered and I heard an awful thump.

Crap~~~ my first thought.
I hit someone's stupid damn dog that they let run.

Damn Damn
I pulled over as soon as I slowed down and eased off the road.

I got out in the semi darkness and peered at the side of my car, the headlight, the doors...the tires...
it all appeared fine.

Well what in the heck did I hit?
I mean it thumped hard!

I walked up the road a few steps and looked. I couldn't see anything and I wasn't exactly parked in a great spot.

When I got home I had hubby go over the car.
He found a tuft of hair caught in the plastic under the front right bumper.

Animal hair.
Could have been a coyote, dog, small deer,....but it did no damage to the Cavalier. Didn't even brush the dirt off from it.

Dang. I just told hubby I had one tough car.

I am lucky.

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