Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's's about what?

I had to look up the History of Valentine's Day. To me it is a day created by the Card makers and the florists.
But I was wrong!
You can read about it here if you like, it is pretty interesting: History of Valentine's Day.

Years ago I worked in an office with about 60 other women. I was single, and unattached to anyone. Well...anyone that would feel romantic enough to send me flowers at work...

So Valentine's Day came. So many co-workers spent time ooohhhinnng and ahhhhinggg over the flowers they were receiving from their significant others.

Well I got not one flower. And it did not escape notice of the other females in the office who 'tsked-tsked' over it. They would pat me on the shoulder and offer that look of pity.

Fast forward one year.
Valentine's Day.
The first dozen roses that arrived at my desk were brilliant red. Co-workers popped their heads over their cubicles and nodded. Others stopped by and admired them.
The next dozen roses were yellow.

Suddenly I had a stream of curious on lookers.
'Who were they from?'

The red roses' cards said. 'With Love S'
The yellow roses' card said. 'To my darling.'

Lastly, and unexpectedly I received a bouquet of carnations.

My cubicle became the 'hot spot' for admirers and of course questions.
I smiled and shrugged and was at a loss as to how to explain the flowers that now covered my desk.

At the end of the day, I gathered up my flowers and carried them out to my car. I was grinning ear to ear of course.

I'd spend a nice chunk of change sending roses to myself at work, but was really mystified as to who had sent the carnations.

That was a very memorable Valentine's Day.

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