Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Success is the Best Revenge

Dad once told me:
Success is the Best Revenge
and oh how sooo right he was.

Tonight as I came home from work I had some things to drop off in the mail and a couple of errands to do.

Last year I worked with a woman who for some reason or another decided she really did not like me. In fact she used deceit to make sure I didn't stay at the place I was working.
Yeah, I got over it [well mostly]. I admit my feelings were deeply hurt.

Tonight something very interesting happened.
I was dropping mail off at the mailbox in front of the local grocery store.

'She' came out of the store with a cart of groceries and had to walk right past me.

I cheerfully called her name and said, 'Good evening, how are you! So good to see you, it has been such a long time!'

The expression on her face~~priceless.
I was wearing my uniform and from the glance I got I know she just saw 'a uniform' and a 'badge', but couldn't ID what I was really wearing... She mumbled something and drove the grocery cart as if it were on fire.

I wished her a good evening and got into my car.

I think I felt good that I could be pleasant to someone who'd been so awful to me. Plus I actually should be grateful to her.
After all, I sure do love my job.

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