Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weekend away...

Twisted logs
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We traveled to Missouri this weekend to drop off a Jennet donkey and to see some friends.
Of course this place was riding heaven. On Saturday I was severly bummed knowing I couldn't ride and watched 15 folks saddle up mules to ride.
So I grabbed my cameras and ran off into the woods for some solace. I hated not riding but did enjoy photographing my friends riding.

I found this place and hung out for a while to watch a family of geese with their little gosslings.

Today I found out that the shoulder surgery is not planned until June 23rd! Talk about having a whole summer ruined. I am impatient and hate waiting, can you tell?


Liz said...

The 23rd will seem like an eternity. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

val said...

Thanks Liz, you are a doll! Yep 7 weeks is an eternity my hubby is really kinda down about it. I guess it will force me into to some alternative activities?