Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rainy days

Apple Blossoms
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I ducked under the electric fence and headed into the woods, the sky was grey but it wasn't raining...when boom...rain started coming down in sheets.
Morris my JRT ran around splashing in the mud while I ducked under some young chokecherry trees and made like a 'turtle' and watched the rain come down. It was a pleasant noise drumming on my raincoat hood and I made a mental note to pick up rain pants.

Hubby called me on the little walkie talkie to ask me why I hadn't come back. I told him I liked the rain and yes the camera was safely tucked away with my pistol under my coat.

I sat for a very long time. If you are stuck inside during a rainy day it can be depressing, but outside in 'it'...well it was simply enjoyable.

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Rachel said...

Thre are days that I like to feel the rain pelt against my skin like that. I remember one day, a couple of summers ago, when I had just finished mowing the lawn and all of a sudden the bottom dropped out. I made no effort to get out of the downpour, and to my surprise when I walked around to the other side of the house, the rest of my family were all outside standing in it, too. :D It's a fond memory. :)