Friday, November 08, 2019

Oh happy Day!

Yesterday while heading to CrossFit, I saw the Truck sitting outside the DeLap shop full of snow.
At least THAT headache was at the shop and not sitting in my driveway.

I think I am a worry wort...wart? I obsess when things are not going right. I like to have things tidy and in order. The truck upset that apple cart. As did the skid steer when it didn't start.

See? Machines and I don't like each other. But I am learning important things like how to maintain batteries over winter. How to keep the skid steer happy and working. How to keep the 4 wheeler properly running.
With the snowfall and sudden deep freeze, I worried about everything I cannot control.

I tried to get Rich to give me an answer as to whether or not he'd go back to Pulmonary Therapy. He keeps hmmming and hawing and issuing complaints that feel awful similar to a child not wanting to go to school. Meanwhile I have to monitor the new meds that were changed.
And I wonder if his reluctance to go is apathy or is he really having something else going on?

I decided missing CrossFit was not doing me any good so I went. I needed that. I needed to work out. I'd missed it for days while arranging for the truck to be towed and finding a shop I felt I could trust to do the work without ripping me off.

I set a trail cam up on our corner. I've done this before to monitor the traffic and watch animals that like to play on the road in front of our mailboxes. I set it up too for another reason. I'll get into that at another time.
I like trail cams and ordered a new one. My old one is over 5 yrs old and only takes black and white shots now. But still works well.

I like to 'see' what goes on around the farm when I am not looking!

So as the sun went down last night, I did chores. My stomach had given me a large revolt during the afternoon and I was sick as a 'dog'. I think it was my body's way of reacting to being a worry wort and then finally getting a release of that emotion by working out.
I'd slept most of the afternoon.

When I came in from chores, Rich announced that DeLap's had called and the truck was ready.
The little coiled line that went to the rear left brake had split, so it was replaced as well as the one on the right side. They'd checked out the brakes and they were all fine. Everything was good, and I should notice a huge difference now that it had brakes.
The cost? $187

I'd gone to the one little shop in town where I could speak face to face with the owner. In the past I'd dealt with his father who I didn't care for, but this guy was kind and respectful and told me that no questions regarding a vehicle were stupid and not to feel bad if I didn't understand the workings of a vehicle.

The Truck Saga is over for now and it looks like I'm back in the business of being able to haul feed and...take stuff to the dump or scrap yard!
Doing the happy dance all the way to town this morning.


  1. Glad you got your truck back! I hope it keeps working well for you!

    1. I was so tickled! I am saddened though that this shop I've gone to off and on for nearly 26 yrs will be closing. The mechanic thought a new fella would be in there...and he .. might still be there. I like small shops but they have to compete with the big dealership in town.

  2. yeah for brakes and a truck that you can use! :) Just a thought. My husband puts something called Stabil or Seafoam in our lawn mower and three wheeler for the winter...if a piece of equipment is rarely used over the winter and has gas in it the gas can varnish...or so he says:)

    1. Yes, I do that also! Both neighbor and hubby reminded me of that! I have to pick up something for diesel fuel called 9-1-1...I'll ask at the auto part store.