Friday, December 08, 2017

Farm Life

The past few mornings and nights I have run outside in pj's and slippers to 'grab' shots of the sunrise or sunset.
The colors have been absolutely brilliant.

I also went on an short excursion to find some dried weeds in the valley. Of course I got sidetracked by the "Ice Fingers" clinging to the grass on the banks of the creek.

I'm trying to scout out the best trails to take some friends on.  We will be doing a New Year's Eve Night Hike.
Hoping to make it an annual event!

The Kenosha Gang left me some 'tack' markers. I'm going to work on one of the more difficult trails to follow ... in the day... or in the night and clean it up a bit. I will use the tack markers that reflect light.

That should help.

I collected the items I needed and spent a few minutes sitting by the creek admiring Mother Nature's ice sculptures.

Same Ice Fingers, different angle.

Sometimes I have to place the camera in the creek itself.

For whatever reason...I think I could spend the whole day just hunting for these little fingers of ice on the grass.
So many beautiful possibilities.

Again. This is the same little formation of ice. Just another angle.

I didn't have much time, I had to get back to start chores and supper.
And wouldn't you know it!
I put the bouquet I'd picked down for a moment while I picked some burrs out of my scarf...and left them there!
[A good reason, I believe to go back today???]

So I went up the steep trail to the Merry Meadow.

Out came the pink fugly camera.
My photo group was doing Silhouettes for our weekly theme.

The sun was so low in the sky. I couldn't resist.

Not a pure shot by any means. But I like it. It depicts a winter version of a scrub apple tree.

I made it home in time to do chores.

I make it a point to visit with each of the mules and 15 [our horse] every day.
The Redheaded sisters took advantage of the last rain and covered themselves in mud. I let them be covered like this as it adds a layer to their already very thick winter coats. I will groom them for riding later. Any grooming is always a love fest on our place.
Last but not least.

Stella. Our youngest Dexter heifer. She is such a doll. However she is on the bottom of the 'totem' pole in the girl's herd.
But she is also the most tame and friendly heifer we have.

For whatever reason, she loves to pull on my gloves.

Dixie reminded me that Gun Deer Season is over and she would love to help me mark trails.
Morris reminded me that he likes very short walks in the cold and prefers more than one blanket to burrow into on the couch.

so begins another day!


  1. Love the nature photos, even the winter ones. And especially the critter ones. Now, I'm off to research what a tack marker is!

  2. That first photo... wow.

  3. Your photos are consistently amazing!

  4. Older and Wiser, a Tack Marker is simply a tack with reflective 'stuff' on it. I can mark trees along my twisted trail so they are easier to find when night hiking.
    Mrs Shoes! Thank you for stopping by!

    Lori Skoog, thank you too. I do enjoy spending time looking for fun things to take shots of.