Monday, November 13, 2017

Expensive Tripod. Well No.

I've ordered a replacement part for my absolutely most ever favorite tripod last week. About 7 years ago I picked up a Vanguard tripod that was on sale at Cabelas. It was a short one that was lightweight and sturdy.
It was camouflaged too.
Sometime this spring while in the woods I took out a different tripod and had to change the quick release.
I either dropped the Vanguard release on the ground or...the dog ate it.

I thought, no problem, I can do without it.

Nah. I hate doing without it.  However, while thinking about some of those low to the ground shots I wanted to do with my Olympus OM5, I came up with something else to use.

I'd read somewhere that using a bean bag would work. I didn't want to carry a bean bag. I thought of a little cloth bag of rice. Then discarded that idea fully as I am almost always in the creek when I walk. A bag of rice would get wet. Besides, I only had macaroni in cupboard.

How about a plastic bag of macaroni?


I wanted to take some photos of things near the forest floor and because of the poor lighting [very late in the day] I needed something to stabilize the camera.
Macaroni in a zip lock bag.

Now I did look up what it would cost me to get a similar tripod as sturdy as the one I had. And whew. It was not exactly cheap!

However until the replacement part arrives, I can get along with some macaroni. In fact I may get some cheap quick cook rice if it is lighter and use it. The plastic bag is sealed and doesn't get wet which is a bonus when you are setting things on snow or wet rocks.

And indeed, you can get low to the ground.

Or lay a camera safely on a damp mossy rock.

So there you have it, a DIY super low and stable non tripod tripod.

I'm thinking M&M's for those photographers who need a chocolate pick me up in their camera bag? Or trail mix?

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