Saturday, May 13, 2017

Busy Days, Family and Friends.

Our mornings usually start off pretty quiet.

I have some time early to myself. I have my cup of coffee and go over my list of 'things to do today'.

The medical aspect of dealing with a hospital stay can be a bit bizarre. Rich had a monitoring device implanted into his chest above his heart before we left the hospital. I'd told them I thought the Holter Monitor would work best. They said this little device could really find out "perhaps" what was causing his strokes.

The tech from the hospital called me the next day to help me set things up. Um. Uh oh. The base unit that does the transmitting needs cell service. I'd questioned that earlier but they assured me it would be fine.
Finally I talked to Medtronics and their tech person told me to try one window after another after another.
Then she informed me that they use AT&T or Team Mobile.
I let her know that cell phone coverage in the "Ocooch Mountains" and Driftless region was spotty at best. PLUS AT&T did not provide coverage here.
Her answer: Oh you best call your provider.

I called the GLHP tech.
This conversation became very bizarre.

Her: Can you talk the monitor and your husband someplace we can get a reading?

Me: Isn't the purpose of the monitor to take readings while he is asleep or walking around in the yard to check for irregularities?

Her: Well, yes but if you could take your husband and the monitor someplace so we could get a reading???

Me: So you are asking me to put my husband in our car and drive around to look for cell service and knock on someone's door and ask to plug my device in ... I drifted off. I was hoping she would see how silly that sounded.

Her: Oh my. Well. That won't work at all will it?

Me: No that will not work at all. Has the doc's at GLHP considered people who live in rural areas in the Coulee Region who won't have cell coverage in the valleys either?

Her: Silence. Then, I need to talk to the doctors.

Me: Indeed. You can call back and leave a message.

I hang up in slight disgust. Doctors. So eager to use a new high tech 'toy' they forgot to see if it would actually work in our cell tower starved area.

Well. Onward.

The phone rings again.
I see GLHP on the ID and pick it up.
It is a nurse.
Her: Is Richard Ewing there?
Me: Yes, he is outside a neighbor has brought hay.
Her: I need to speak to him.
Me: You can't.
Her: Well I am calling to follow up on his hospital stay.
Me: Then you know he has Aphasia and talking is not something he can do very well right now.
Her: Oh. Well I don't have authorization to speak to you.
Me: Well. I guess then I will just speak at you and you can listen.
Her: You are his wife?
Me: Yes
Her: I am one of his nurses, I met you on the floor.
Me: Then you know I signed POA, left you the Living Will, and the HIPPA permission forms.
Her: I can't find that info right now.
Me: Then just be quiet and I will tell you how my husband is doing. You don't need HIPPA to listen.
Eventually she did ask some pointed questions and I answered them. Our conversation ended with ... "We need a form allowing us to speak to you directly on the form signed."
I replied that "They needed to find my POA forms along with the other forms, pronto."

I went outside while Rich took a nap to mow some yard and do some stock watering.
Morris supervised from the porch.

When I got back inside Rich was up and sitting at the table.
He had the phone in his hand.

After a bit I got just enough information that the VA in Madison had called and he had another appointment added on some day.
He couldn't recall who he talked to or what day it was. His mind at this time is still stuck on Saturday as the day of the week. Every day is Saturday that is until we go to the calendar and look at it.

Last night our friends from Kenosha came. We plan on a work weekend and visit. But last night we just sat out on the porch and enjoyed the night sounds.

We love our friends and family and cannot thank them enough for their continued support and help.

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Older and wiser said...

Your conversations with the medical and tech personnel cracked me up! Way to put them in their place, Val. If these forms are so all-fired important, they should take better care of them, right??

And how dare you live in such an uncivilized area!