Monday, May 15, 2017


Here is a shot of my husband and a pal of ours, Daryl. Rich supervised the farm workings and we did the work.
He was able to get in and out of his skid steer safely and operate it.

I think some things are so routine for him that he doesn't have to think about it at all.
Our 'crew' put up insulators on the line fence that is an old barbed wire fence and we ran electric line through the woods.
The fence will keep the Dexter cattle in an area previously only grazed by mules. The Dexters are much better foragers than the mules, and now we have another space for rotation.

This is generally at least a two person job. We had a good crew and once we got the lines put up we were all done in from the heat and the prep work.

I have one dividing fence to put up and then we hopefully can start moving the cattle and mules.

Rich has decided to downscale drastically. Little Richard, four riding mules, and our project pony 15 get to stay along with one donkey...Bob.

The Dexter herd will be culled and we will keep the best of the herd. I don't imagine this will happen swiftly as each step has to be according to Rich and I respect those decisions.

Some of the work will require hiring help as I can't do it all. But that is okay. The grand plan is to get things to such a place that we can do some other leisurely things without worrying about the chores all of the time.

This week is a revolving door of VA appointments, Speech Therapy, and ... Rich's summer haircut.

Yesterday Daryl and I got up early and went to watch the sun rise over Black Bottom Creek.

We arrived in the valley and watched the fog roll across the Kickapoo River. It was quiet except for the mud swallows who were busy under the concrete bridge building their nests.

When the sun peeked into the valley we took a round about way back to the farm and took another look at the creek.

Our company left at noon and we promptly took naps. It had been a productive weekend and we were tired.
The next three days were going to be full of appointments.

It was a great weekend.
Good laughs.
Lots of hard work.
Cooling off in the creek.

And good friendship all around.
You can't beat that!


Lori Skoog said...

Glad your husband was well enough to participate in the fencing project. This batch of photos is quite spectacular. Sounds like you are placing a lot of animals. Hope they all find great homes.

Val Ewing said...

The animals will more than likely be sold at auction. We have folks in mind but time is of the essence.