Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Paradise.... Springs and other thoughts about photography.

At the end of our K-town visit, Morris and I stopped at Paradise Springs for a short walk.
The sun was out and it was still early morning.
It was a Monday and not a soul was around. I let Morris off the leash and we explored the old dam and the spring house.

Here is part of the old dam.

I don't know enough history about this place but I know that I will stop here on my next trip across the state. It is in a round about way...sort of on my way.

It wasn't just the neat little places where one could photograph moving water, but the stone structure was fascinating and quite beautiful.

The inside of the spring house had a wide shallow pool in it. I loved the reflections from outside of the building to inside the building.

 Looking down into the shallow pool I realized I could see the building walls above me along with trees and the leaves under the water below.

 The field stone of the building added a nice texture too.

Here is a link with photos to Paradise Springs. WI DNR Paradise Springs.

Mr. Morris and I explored and were able to take our time setting up photos as we had the place to ourselves.
However, while we were taking a break enjoying the pond view we did see one person walk quickly up the trail and take a snapshot with their cell phone.
I waved, she waved, and then she quickly turned and left.

My weekend trip was incredible. I visited quite a few parks along the shores of Lake Michigan. I seem drawn to water quite a bit.

I also am learning some other things regarding photography. I am discovering that I enjoy having a photo that tells a story more often than just a beautiful photo.

I keep wondering where I will go with this 'hobby'.
I was sure I would hate Still Life, but love it. I am learning about off camera flashes when I knew I would never use a flash..ever!
I am getting a keen interest in portraits. Oh and I knew I would never ever in a million years want to photograph humans!

The nice thing about this hobby is that it can keep growing.

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Lori Skoog said...

I love that Spring house....and the moving water! Wow. You are so good at this!