Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Would there be ice?

We got going in pretty good time on Saturday morning. The girls wanted to do chores so Daryl and the girls stayed to help Rich while I ran with Amanda to town to get a few items from the store.

By the time we got back the girls had not only done chores but had also been sledding.
The snow was in perfect condition for sledding at high rates of speed until bail out time when they came up to the electric fence.

The morning talk was regarding the ice cave. Would there be a formation? I certainly hoped so. Which route would we take? I explained that we'd take the snowmobile trail route. I thought it might be easier if we went east along the creek and then up and over the cropland to drop down into the next valley.

We had to make a quick stop at the ice wall.  Some young lady had to give her mom and this old mom a slight OMG moment. I think I resisted yelling "BE careful!"

However, what kid can pass up a good scary slide down a wall of ice into a creek, right?

It is very rare that I have someone along that will take photos. Generally it is just Morris and myself taking a hike. However I must thank Daryl Clausen from the bottom of my heart for taking these shots and sharing them with me. Even better, allowing me to use them in this blog.

Here we are hiking in The First Valley.
I got caught having a conversation with Morris. He felt pretty sure that I was carrying a treat in one of my pockets and that he should pose for me.

And apparently this is what my backside looks like while carrying Mr. Morris.
He tapped me on the leg a few times and asked for a lift.
Daryl was able to capture some incredible shots of a doe that was grazing in the corn field. Every once in a while he'd hurry on ahead and I'd see him pointing his Olympus at us. Actually, he is one photographer that doesn't make me cringe at the thought of me in a photo of his. I don't like being on the other side of the lens generally but he seems to make me look pretty decent.

Long walk. Long talk.
We stopped for a breather and to chat about something.
Daryl captured Amanda and I.
We crossed the ridge and started down into the next valley on an old logging trail.

And then...
We were not disappointed.

Daryl and his girls swiftly descended into the ravine to thoroughly explore the magic of the ice cave. However the cave had been occupied recently by raccoon or 'possum recently. There was scat on the sandy floor of the ledge.

The girls explored the shelf behind the ice.

And Grace got this shot after she climbed out.

No, the Ice Cave did not disappoint.

Scout and Morris kept everyone in line by following us and keeping a close eye on us.

Morris took it upon himself to show Scout the best nasty things in the woods to eat. Good ol' Morris. Always willing to corrupt a new friend.

Last word about the 'Ice Cave'.
I highly doubt that any of the family owners even realize this Ice formation is back there. They don't hike, they don't hike in the winter, and they rarely visit the property at all except once in a while briefly during the summer months.

I told this to Daryl and Amanda as we started climbing down the ravine into The Lost Valley.

The Lost Valley and The Second Night Hike...
to be continued....

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