Sunday, January 08, 2017

Winterfest at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

I have never been to the Winterfest at KVR but when my neighbor asked if I'd like to to with her and the kids, I said sure!

There were a lot of activities to do. I would have liked to see the dog sledding but we were pressed for time and went to the main building where most of the other activities were.

We caught a sleigh ride with some magnificent Belgians.

Yes there was a slight breeze that brought the wind chill down, but there were several warming areas and some small campfires dotted around for those who would like to warm up.
There was a tent structure with a story teller inside. And inside the structure there was a wood stove. We sat on bales of straw, warmed up and listened to stories.

Frozen Turkey bowling was a hit with the kids for a little while.
There was Snow Painting which I think ... at least on my opinion was the neatest thing!

I immediately saw that this could be done at home with a spray bottle and food coloring in the water!

And of course there was the llamas...

And ...
I also got distracted by hats. I love hats. I love love hats.
And I found a fur hat with ear flaps and ... a tail on sale from Wild Things Fur. I couldn't resist.

I wore this hat the rest of the day. It kept my neck and face warm and toasty even with wind chills in the subzero range.

No more trying to figure out what to wear on my head during those winter snow shoe adventures with the cameras. Nope. I like this red head! Oh and the tail constantly wags.
Just call me a kid.

And I'll do chores in extreme weather with a smile on my face.

I'll definitely go back for Winterfest next year. I think the best part for me was watching the kids enjoy themselves so much.

And that was that.
A great day!


Lauren Tracey said...

Thanks again for the great pictures and excellent company. Dog sleds & ice caves top of the list at Winterfest 2018!

Lori Skoog said...

Loved the Belgians, the snow painting and YOUR HAT suits you to a T!