Sunday, January 22, 2017

Morris Out and About ~by Morris

We love winter. She loves winter. I like going hiking with Her on the days when it isn't too cold. Indeed She once tried a coat for me, but I destroyed after snowplowing and then going through burdock and all sorts of things that clung to the jacket.

Of course there was the 'wardrobe' failure too as I dismantled another coat She tried.

Now She watches the temperatures a bit more closely and we don't go together on really cold days.
Besides,  I can't seem to stay out of the creek. But if my feet get cold, I will leap it.

I am an excellent 'leaper'.

My most favorite activity in the winter time is climbing the Ice Wall. I love scaring Her to death by running up the wall to the top and then disappearing so that She cannot see me.

I do come back when She starts calling me.
It must be terrible to be a human and not have the great balance and dexterity that I have as a dog.

Really? Nothing to worry about here!

Coming down off the wall can be a bit tricky.
But I think I've got it covered. I'm still pretty athletic.

However I do miss my pal Teslin. She is a real athlete and loves climbing ice walls as much as I do.

Another thing that makes Her nervous is the fact that I blend in so well with everything in the creek bottom in the winter.
She calls me Camo Dog.

I hope She doesn't decide to put a huge red scarf on me to keep track of my whereabouts.
But She might. Who knows?

Oh wow, She didn't have to include my ~~~
Whoopsie On Ice Photo now did She?

Someone should invent a doggy cam so I can follow Her around and get videos of when She slips on the ice.

Dang it all She does use ice cleats while hiking.


Lori Skoog said...

What a sweet boy!

Older and wiser said...

Morris, you're such a dear to let Her come along on your adventures! We all know "who's the good boy!"