Friday, January 13, 2017

Fractal Art, Break Time

The recent events and feeling a bit under the weather have kept me from getting out with my camera and hiking.
I swear with all this ice and poor weather it is nearly noon before we are finished with chores.

Then it begins again.
So I thought I'd do some quick edits and play with Incendia, JWildfire, and Mandelbulb 3d.

This black and white abstract is a combo of Incendia and MD3D.

I'm not as proficient as some of the folks who do this every day and work with these programs all of the time. I usually dabble in the fractal programs when I can't get out or have no inspiration to do any photography.

Sometimes I just have the need for lots of wild color which this one shows. The JWildfire flame is layered over an Incendia fractal of 'horns'. Then layered with a flood edit of reflections I did in CS2.

I used Topaz Glow to bring out some of the wild colors. 
I love wild colors!

I just printed this one to hang on my 'Art' wall. I used two formations by MD3D and a flame program called Apophysis 16 to make the wild looking thing in 'front'. 
I just loved the hues and decided to see what it would look like printed.

It did not disappoint.
I wish I had a huge wall for a lot of my creative work. Alas, such a wee house!

All I know is that it has been a nice break from the horrid weather we have been having.
It seems this winter, it is all about ice. Ice. And more ice.
Yak Traks or snow shoes are the footwear of choice.



Older and wiser said...

I sometimes take it upon myself to give your pictures a name. The first one looks like "Chaotic Horns" to me, or maybe "Ringing in the New Year." I call the second one "Psychedelic Spider Web." I couldn't come up with a description for the others, though!

Older and wiser said...

Ha! Gave it some more thought: #3 - "Angels on High View Earth's Chaos;" #4 - "Brain Overload." Gosh, my dark side is showing!