Friday, January 27, 2017

Snow Day

Storm Warning!
5 to 10 inches of heavy wet snow!

Well that is what the weather service said. I awakened to a heavy snow falling outside when I let Morris out pre dawn. It was coming down and it was heavy and it was wet as predicted.

Snow slid off the metal porch roof in clumps making 'whoomph' noises in the dark.
I stepped outside for a bit and thought I heard some Thunder. It was predicted that we'd have a Thunder Snow.

I grabbed some coffee and watched out the window until daylight. The mules and the horses moved around eating and drinking. Everything was pretty peaceful.

Some of the animals took snow baths, rolling in the fresh snow and then leaping up and shaking. The younger animals took to running and chasing each other, much like children will do when playing.

I don't mind snow storms, that is, as long as I am not stuck driving somewhere in one. I like it best when I can enjoy it with snow shoes or skis.

I actually had promised to do some domestic things around the house and one of those things was make chocolate chip cookies.
I wanted to go out in the snow storm and explore...however domestic duties called.

I don't like baking. However...sometimes we have to appease our spouses. Baking cookies appeals to his sense of well being and his sweet tooth.
Plus it makes him feel special.

And when he feels special, he is can be very sweet. And I can usually get 'what' I want.
However there was no second agenda and I just actually felt like doing some baking while I cleaned house and arranged things for the company we were to have this weekend.

Of course I made an afternoon trip with the camera when I took the egg shells to the compost pile. Well I managed a small detour. I walked out into the Merry Meadow and enjoyed the views.

When I got back towards the house, I saw my 'upstairs' neighbor out and about with her kids.
She was practicing with her cross country skis.

I put my bucket inside the house and Morris could hear the neighbor kids playing.
He kept going in circles and whining.

Finally I took him out and up to the neighbor's field. Morris is always a hit with the kids.

Run run chase run is the best game they can play.
Except when Allie chooses to play Tug of War with her gloves....

Morris is happy to oblige. Which causes hysterical laughter even when I try to stop him from doing so.

The day ended quietly as it was ushered in. The snow kept coming down.

Grumpy Husband plowed the driveway. I really know that he wasn't grumpy over that aspect. He loves his newer skid steer. I'm sure he'd rather be driving that than doing most anything else.

When the neighbor's husband got home he plowed also with his tractor. Men, snow, and machines. They say they don't like it. But secretly they do.

Women, snow...and cross county skis.
Yes, we met up at the mailbox on the ridge late, donned our headlamps, and enjoyed the beautiful new snow.  We managed to make one pass to break a nice trail and then fly around the ridge a second time.

We have company coming today with their dog Scout. Morris and Scout like each other well enough outside but inside Morris tends to be a bit cranky.
There are day hikes and night hikes planned as well as visiting.

I'm so glad it snowed again and took the dull browns of mud and changed it to a beautiful white.

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Older and wiser said...

I adore seeing kids and dogs playing in the snow. It looks like pure joy, doesn't it? Why so many oak leaves left on that tree?