Sunday, October 02, 2016

Welcome October and rambling

Yesterday while hubby installed the heater, I played Twister on the stairs. I didn't want to go back to boring carpet so I changed things up and got the bright idea of painting the stairs a different color than the risers.

I went for a hike through the neighbor's valley before work on Friday to see what the flash flood had done. While hiking across the Merry Meadow, the gals decided to race up to me.
Talk about thundering hooves!

Curious Miss Sundance was the first to arrive as always.
I was hoping this summer to be done with most of the house remodel work to be able to spend time with Sundance and with Sunshine.

Sunshine is trained and a very reliable mount. She just needs a refresher course. With the interest in riding by the grandkids, she may get called into duty next year.
She was raised particularly for her good attitude and loving nature. 
And...she and Sundance are both from the very first horse I owned. Cheyanne. 

I was not disappointed at the forces of Mother Nature when I got into the valley.

The snow mobile 'bridge' over the creek was carried away. The culvert has been there for about 6 years. They'll be able to fix it but I imagine there are a lot of trails that will need attention before winter.

In parts of the valley the water cut a huge swath moving old logs, rocks, trees, and debris stacked in places. In certain areas the flood waters were as wide as the valley.

In others it narrowed and rushed cutting new paths for the creek. I was amazed that most of the waters were over 6 foot tall.

I didn't have any time to really explore, that will come later. I just wanted to take a look around and get some fresh air.

However I noticed that the colors are beginning to certainly change. I wonder what sort of fall we will have?

Suddenly I realized that I've been letting nature change around me and haven't been able to get out in it enough to enjoy this time of the year!

On my way to work later I took Tainter Hollow Road. The road is in poor condition but open and passable. There is a lot of damage to the bridges, but they are also open. Many of our township roads are just passable. 

I was so happy to see my favorite tree still standing in the valley.

After a long day of painting and twisting around on the stairs, I decided to take Morris for a walk to watch the glorious sunset.

The above shot was taken with my cell phone.

Indeed any camera would have done this display justice.

I'm very happy to see sunshine again after such a long time of clouds, rain, and dreary days.

Welcome October, I hope you are kinder to us than September was!

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Lori Skoog said...

Sounds you got a LOT of rain. We have not recovered from the drought in this area, even tho we have had a little rain. Nice herd you have there!