Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Behold the Heater!

The new heater was delivered 3 weeks ago. We unboxed it and hubby admired it for a few days at it sat silently in its box.

Why not?
The day temps were in the 80's and it was warm out!

We walked around the heater in the living room, stepped around it...hubby actually unpacked it and got out the instructions.

And there it sat.
And sat.

Hubby read the instructions and has been easing his way into this job.

He's done this before. 

But I think there is a certain amount of admiring to do that has to be done before you can actually install this thing. I think it says that in the instruction booklet. 

"Let heater sit on the floor and walk around it for at least 30 days or until the wife gets angry...or it gets cold outside and the heater becomes necessary. Then said parties will be more appreciative of said heater."

Hmmm. That means that temperatures of 40 degrees at night and day time temperatures of...60 will make the house feel pretty cool inside.
However I must say that with the new siding and insulation the house stays fairly temperate.

Though last night when we went to bed the temperature was 59 degrees in the house.

I stared hard and long at the heater. I even knelt next to it and begged it to warm me up.

Today I'm going to build a shrine around it and gather wood to make a campfire on the new kitchen floor if I get cold.

Sweet hubby.
Time to install the heater!


Lori Skoog said...

How about suggesting that you would be happy to hire someone to do it? That works around here.....

Val Ewing said...

Oh I do that a LOT! But he is a do it yourself-er. He will get it done.

Ambrose said...

Sounds like an inside out situation. When the outside temperatures start to balance the inside, it's time for a heater or a jacket. Truth be told I'd rather install a heater then split wood and start a fire. This is true of most. If he doesn't start soon, break out the tools as if you are starting it. That gets my attention.