Sunday, September 25, 2016

Flooding in our area

If you follow the news I imagine you've heard about the flooding in Southern MN, NE Iowa, and South Central and SW WI.

We have approximately 60 some roads closed and some of those roads are major highways. Some of the towns near the Kickapoo River have very limited ways to get in or out of town.

Townships have limited resources and apparently a limited amount of Road Closed signs.

There are mudslides, and road wash outs everywhere. Even the scenic River Road aka Hwy 35 has been closed between Prairie du Chien and Genoa. 

I drove up highway 14 from Readstown yesterday to Viroqua and I can say that I am happy that this is not my only route to to town. The roadside is cluttered with rocks, logs, trees, and busted up pieces of buildings and culverts.

Most of the folks who live along the valley near 14 have had either flooding of their homes or lost most of their driveways due to the flash flooding.

I followed the request of the Vernon County Sheriff's Department and stayed home on the 22nd. Two people have died due to the flooding and mudslides. 

Many small towns along the Kickapoo and the Pine Rivers have been affected. 
The flooding is pretty widespread in this state. From the Mississippi River to Hillsboro.

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