Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Well that sucked!

I got up early because there was a slight chance that I could beat the sun up and beat the rain coming in from the west.

I got a glimpse of bright pink in the east and went for my camera case. I swung it up to head out the door.

Oops. Mistake. The new hard floor is not very forgiving. Out of the unzipped compartment flew my relatively new long lens for my Olympus OM D EM5 camera. It is a kit lens, but a nice lens none the less. Bang it went on the hardwood floor. Even wrapped in bubble wrap, it took a hit.

I stopped in my tracks and wanted to beat my self in the head. I didn't check, I was in a hurry. Oh how I would regret this.

I stooped to pick up the lens. It worked. Phew.

The UV lens filter was not only broken, but the filter ring was bent.
Now this looked like a pretty big mess so I made coffee and watched the rain come in.

We had to go to Madison after chores so I decided to set everything aside and think long and hard about what I'd done.

On our drive to Madison, I decided to pull out my 'Smartie-Phone' and see what I could do about a bent and broken filter.
Certainly I was not the only idiot in the world who had done such a thing as drop my lens.

Nope, I wasn't! 
But the fix looked awfully risky.

Take out the broken glass carefully without damaging the camera lens underneath.

Get pliers and bend the metal ring on the now empty filter until it comes off.

Hmmm. I watched several YouTube videos and read extensively about it. 

So when I got back from hubby's appointment in Madison I first walked around and looked at the lens. Then I went outside and did some yard work.
Then I came back in and took a deep breath.

Not a clear shot, but well the instructions worked. Now I would dearly suggest going to a Camera Store and having this taken care of, but since there aren't any around for many miles...
well, I took a chance.

It could have really sucked big time.

I put the lens back on the camera and turned it on. 

It worked!

Now I need to make sure every time I pick up that sling bag, to double and triple check that I have everything zipped up properly.


Lori Skoog said...

You are so good at things like this.

The Dancing Donkey said...

You never know what you can do until you have to do it. Nice job:)