Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Free Stuff, Fotosketcher

Once in a while I get the itch to do something a bit different with my photos. 
I've tried all sorts of painting programs and figured out rather quickly that I don't have the talent to paint with a Wacom Tablet nor do I have the skill to use a mouse...or even a touch screen.

I've tried Topaz's Paint program called Topaz Impression.
Either I didn't have the patience or just didn't spend the time, but after a few days I uninstalled my trial version. I don't 'paint' enough to spend $99.99 for the program.
However I have seen some incredible work come from other folks.
It just wasn't a good fit with me.

I also tried a program from Media Chance called Dynamic Auto Painting. Now this program I adored. I could paint in different layers and erase portions while still in the program.

I messed around with the free trail and liked it so much I nearly plunked down the $99 for the software.

But I didn't. 

Frankly, I don't find photos that would fit 'painting' in my mind often enough to actually use the programs.
Someone on G+ suggested a program called Fotosketcher. Well why not, it was free.
The first time I tried it, I wasn't impressed. Then I started to change the type of photos that I might consider for 'digital program painting'. I have to give the program the credit, I only pick how the program is going to do it.
Then I sit back and let the engines churn.






Personally I like this one I think the best.

I spent a few moments at the website and read a helpful tutorial of how to combine two paintings into one.
I did that with this photo:

It is different. I combined a pencil drawing and a oil painting. Not sure if this would be a good sample. But it wasn't very hard to do.

I found that some still life really worked well. I added texture over the 'painting' afterwards in PSPX7.

Last note. Be prepared to wait for a while during the time the program is painting.

This is pretty basic as all the other programs I've tried are pretty much the same.
I also have Corel Essentials 5. If I am able to figure out how to properly use it, I'll review it.
I guess it is time to go to YouTube and see if I can find some instructions as Corel made their help section as clear as mud.


Lori Skoog said...

I am going to look into this. Your originals and paintings are gorgeous. I have photoshop elements and can also do watercolors with that program.

Val Ewing said...

Thanks, the program is nice and there are directions on how to use it, but mostly you have to just mess around and figure out what you like and dislike!