Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Sunrises

Fall is my favorite time to go out and 'try' to catch spectacular sunrises.
In our area of hills and valleys we have fogs, mists, and very interesting skies this time of year.
So I always find myself plotting where I will go and see the sunrise to the best advantage.
Sometimes I get snookered like I did at Jersey Valley when dense fog moved in and obscured the lake.

So I thought I'd try and work around the dense fog by travelling to a high point above the Kickapoo River Valley to look down on the fog.

I waited in the cold for the sun to come up in the pre dawn light.
I found it curious that it appeared to be frost on the soybeans when it was 41 degrees, according to my car's thermometer.

I could see the fog intensifying as the sun rose.

Sometimes...getting 'the shot' requires a bit of creativity.

I probably would have gotten great cell coverage had I needed it.

And the road?  It wasn't exactly the nicest one, but it got me up and down the ridge.

And back into the fog.

But all the effort in the end was worth it...

That is, until I stayed home this morning and was enchanted with this....

So I am guessing sometimes it is just as good to stay home!
No fog this AM, but the clouds presented the sky with brilliants hues and reflections.

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