Saturday, September 06, 2014


Last night the neighbor lady and I made up 15 pints [?] of salsa to can today!

Yikes, we chopped and diced and stirred and we made a wonderful combination of smells.

After we put all the ingredients in the pot she turned to me and asked me why the heck we hadn't used the food processor of hers!

We both had a good laugh and I said that the salsa would taste soooo much better because it had been hand chopped.

Of course!

I hope tomorrow to get out and take some photographs and perhaps hike to the back valley and mess around in the creek back there.

It is a long hike but worth it.
Generally it is about a 3 mile round trip if I don't detour through the valley and the creek itself.

But the forest is preparing for Autumn and I enjoy trying to catch the beauty of the change of seasons.

Soon enough it will be winter!

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