Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just riding!

I was out with hubby and we went for an evening ride.
This  camera was set up to catch the deer and turkeys that like to come to this area and entertain us with their antics.

However it caught me riding.  I had a bit of editing to do to make it presentable...sort of a painting effect.

Other shots from the ride that made 'my day'.

The fall colors are changing hard and fast.
I don't really want to see them go.

But today is going to be sunny and warm.  And it looks like at least for my 36 hours off it will be nice!

I hope to go out and enjoy some more color!

PS~ Siera behaved as if she has been doing this all of her life now.  Of course the trail is one we take often so she doesn't get nervous about that at all any more.

I think this summer she has finally matured into a sensible mule!

Hubby was on Sunshine a mule out of my mare Cheyanne.  Cheyanne was my first horse that I owned and this is one of her mule 'babies' who is now 16 yrs old and a very nice ride.

Sunshine has a sister we call Sundance.  Hubby has claimed her and now he needs to get the job of getting her under saddle taken care of.  Sundance is incredibly smart and willing.

Thank you Cheyanne for passing on your beauty to two mules.  Your time here on earth was a blessing for me.
I'll always miss you too!
Hope you and Badger are playing in a huge meadow together.

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Lori Skoog said...

I sure love your mules.