Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gone Fishin'

"How about fishing?"

My husband's head snaps around and a huge smile plants on his face.

After we've loaded the boat in the water and have our poles in the water ... nothing happens for a while.

A bluejay screeches and two geese fly over head.  We listen to the woods surrounding us and sit quietly.

Two very content people.

I begin to mess with my camera and start taking some photos of the amazing colors that are starting to show up in the trees.

I just can't get over the pure reflections of the land, forest, and sky.  I put JV back on my list of to do's again this next week.  Dawn and perhaps sunset stops for shots of the changing leaves.
I remind myself to look into other hiking areas also.

My bobber has disappeared while I've been daydreaming and doing taking photos.

I've got a tiny tiny fish.  I toss it back.

"Little fellas bitin' now," says hubby.  I agree.

A bit later we start catching some nice fish.  First he catches a few in a row, then I find a hot spot and catch a few.

We laugh.  We are enjoying ourselves.

We now have the little man made lake to ourselves and everyone has left.

And we enjoy the lake until dark falls.

The scenery and the hills never disappoint me.

I love returning often to Jersey Valley.

I do know that my grandkids love this place also.

When we got home hubby headed upstairs first to bed and paused on the steps...

"Say," he says with a slight smile.  "Suppose we oughta go back and get some more tomorrow?"

I smile.
Of course I wouldn't mind.
I never get bored with sitting quietly in the boat and listening to the forest around us.

Or of the nice peace that sitting on the lake brings me.

Gone Fishin',
it's a good place to be.

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