Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old Dog's Busy Day ~ by Morris

She asks if I'd like to go along with her into the woods for a little walk.

Do I look dumb?  Heck yes, if I don't go with her and show her the way, she could get lost right?

So I start to do the bounce thing around her feet and whine.  
Really I do it so she does NOT forget that she has promised to take me along!

Off we go down to the creek by the big boulder.  She is looking for something I guess.  I'm not sure what.  She walks along quietly looking this way and that.

Finally I climb up a deer trail and stand to watch over her and the rest of the creek.  
You never know what lurks out in those woods.  I will be her alert system and if something frightening comes by, I will rush to stand and growl at it...
right between her legs.

I am good at that!

Anyway, she has the pistol and I am only about 15 lbs of hard core ninja dog muscle.  If she would miss, I'd take care of her.
I don't think she knows this.

After she sets up the camera, she tests it and I trot down the trail and she is able to see me in camera.

All is good.
Then we head back up the hill road towards home and again she is looking for something.
Me too. I am smelling everything I can and making my mark.  I find something disgusting to roll in while she is bent down taking photos of something she calls
puff balls.

Today she seems interested in the little things that she calls fungi... and sort of says she should have brought the camera with the micro/macro lens thingy.
Whatever that is.

I don't know, the fungi doesn't excite me at all.

However, we eventually come out into the Merry Meadow and I see Him driving the tractor around and around cutting weeds down.

NOW that gets me excited!

I love that tractor.
I love to sit on the seat and pretend to drive it.
I like to ride on it.  I got to do it once.
I love machinery.  I think it is a rule that they should make Jack Russell seats on all farm machinery.

After all, I do ride a mule too don't I?

So He stopped the tractor and shut it down, then I ...
well, I begged to get up on it.
Yes, I am ashamed to admit I begged.
But I do love that orange tractor!

And even better was when He picked me up and let me sit at the wheel.

Don't I look Grande?

I was so happy that when we got home and She gave me a bath, I didn't even mind it.

I snuggled up inside her sweatshirt afterwards and took a very satisfying nap.

And dreamt of fungi and awesome tractors.

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The Three Muleteers said...

Love these pics! Oh Morris I've missed catching up on your adventures, it's been a little hectic in the muleteer household :-) Hope you're all well, I'll be catching up over the next few weeks!